Why You Should Choose Ready Mix Concrete For Your Next Project

Ready mix concrete is a higher quality, environmentally friendly option for small to medium construction projects in the Okanagan. Ready mixed concrete is ideal for those who need intermittent placing of concrete or for jobs where space is limited and there is little room for stockpiles or equipment.

Ready Mix Concrete Is Good For

Environmentally Friendly

Almost no waste is produced as the concrete is manufactured for your specific project and dust pollution is significantly reduced.

Fresh Concrete

We provide on demand concrete where and when you need it.

Remote Projects

No matter how remote or small the project we will be there.

Full Service Concrete

We do it all from pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, fence posts, patios, parking pads to retaining walls and more.

Custom Colours & Finishes

We can customize the concrete exactly how you want with our new ready mix truck. A service unique to Joe & Sons in the Okanagan.

What We Use

Volumetric Mixer

Our new ready mix truck mixes concrete on the fly meaning we will only mix exactly what is needed. There is no timeframe in which the concrete must be used after arriving on site eliminating the potential of waste.


What Our Competitors Use

Standard Mix Truck

Once the concrete is on it's way to the site no more or less can be produced and it must be used within hours of arriving. This can potentially create waste or drag the project on longer if more needs to be delivered.

The Small Job
Concrete Experts

Specializing in concrete forming, finishing, repair and more in the Okanagan.

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