Mark & Christi

We recently had our 4ft crawl space poured after the house was already built 23 years ago. Not the greatest job to have to do. Lots of overhead clearance issues for bodies and equipment. Only access is a 3ftx3ft doorway and down a ladder. The job posed some constraints. Kris, Joe and the crew tackled the job and completed it on time and with care to our home. They always had our best interest as the primary goal, while keeping things safe for themselves as well as keeping an outlook towards house-safety by way of eliminating possibility of errors and repairs in the present or future. There were talks, advice and options given from the crew on how to complete it with the best results and without problems. It was all completed in the expected time frame. No issues or surprises along the way. All communications along the way were dealt with in a timely manner and we never felt neglected. They were all very respectful, responsible, and reliable. They work with some of the reputable home builders (one of which who built our house) in the area. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Katlyn & Jonathan

 This company has been so accommodating, professional, RELIABLE and just over all AMAZING! The work they have done at our property giving us an entrance to our basement, deconstruction of our back yard space AND redoing our entire front yard...the work has been top notch and they’ve really gone above and beyond to make sure everything is exactly as we want it. Chris and his crew have been so great to deal with. We have trusted them completely with our renovation knowing they really are looking out for our best interest. Couldn’t be happier. If your needing any concrete related renovations - this is the company 



Joe & Sons Concrete Ltd.

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